Biological waste water treatment to meet the highest requirements

In Russia, the demand for hygienic papers is rising continuously. SCA Hygiene Products therefore decided to set up its own tissue paper production facility there. In 2010, the company set up a production facility at the Sovetsk site that is 100 per cent based on recovered paper. In order to achieve the very strict discharge values for treated waste water, high-quality and sophisticated process engineering was necessary. As early as in 2014, SCA Hygiene Products installed a second tissue paper machine. it works with fresh fibre, as the pulp requirement could not be covered by waste paper alone. Analogous to this production expansion, the waste water treatment had to be expanded accordingly.

An additional biological treatment stage

SCA commissioned the Stuttgart-based H+E company to supply the two advanced waste water treatment plants. What was required was a so-called BAT process technology, i.e. “Best Available Technology”. Along with the classical multi-stage high-load and low-load biology, a tertiary biological stage was required. This was the only way to achieve the required very low discharge values. Early on, the system was designed in such a way that it could be expanded with little effort.

An ingenious treatment process

H+E selected the following process lines: waste water screening, waste water buffering and mechanical cleaning, including high-performance pre-treatment by the FLOCOMAT®.T developed in house. This is followed by waste water cooling, an aerobic biological high-load stage with a BIOFIT®.H floating bed process, an aerobic biological low-load stage with BIOFIT®.C activation and AEROFIT®.V ventilation. And finally, a tertiary biological cleaning with BIOFIT®.F biofiltration and UV disinfection are also used. A filtration system with heat recovery was provided for fresh water treatment.

Facts & figures:

  • High process stability even with strongly fluctuating intake
  • Flexibility for possible extensions
  • Exceptionally economical ventilation system
  • Tertiary cleaning tried and tested over many years

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Biological waste water treatment to meet the highest requirements

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In order to achieve very low discharge values at its Sovetsk site, SCA Hygiene Products opted for an advanced biological waste water treatment plant from H+E.


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