Let us transform water into your competitive advantage

Industry-specific knowledge that puts you in the lead

We know water and we are also familiar with the requirements of many different industries. With this unique combination and experience gained over more than 120 years, we can contribute to our customers’ success.

Semiconductor & Solar

H+E offers close to 50 years of experience in the semiconductor and solar cell industry. On this basis, we develop customised plants for you – precisely tailored to your requirements: from a new concept for a water treatment plant through its expansion to adaptation due to regulatory changes.

Food & Beverages

Water plays a vital role in the production of food and beverages. H+E’s plants provide energy-efficient, cost-effective and reliable treatment and purification of this precious resource and all the solutions that arise during production – whether for a sugar manufacturer, a dairy or brewery.

Pulp & Paper

Close to 500,000 cubic metres of waste water from paper and pulp production are treated every year in Germany alone with H+E plants – and this is carried out with both ecological and economic viability in mind. With our process-stable and energy-optimised technologies, we also support you in the production of process water.

Power Plants

With over 500 projects successfully implemented worldwide, the H+E Group is an expert in water treatment plants for all types of power plants. Whether for conversion or new construction, our practice-proven approaches ensure that all requirements are met in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. This applies equally to coal, oil and gas.

Chemical Industry

H+E has been active in the chemical industry for over 50 years. You can achieve several objectives with our plants for water recycling and partial flow treatment of toxic waste water: your water consumption drops, you comply with the strictest discharge limits and you can realise zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with complete water circulation.

Oil & Gas

The global demand for raw materials and energy is increasing year by year. Therefore, the extraction and processing of oil and gas needs to be further optimised. At the same time, legal requirements are becoming more stringent. The energy-optimised H+E systems meet all these requirements and work in an energy-optimised and reliable manner.


For the production of pharmaceuticals and the sanitation of tools, H+E offers intelligent turnkey solutions as well as standard plants. With their decades of experience, our engineers develop exactly the right system for you – using a wide range of processes: whether chemical-physical, thermal or membrane filtration with a polishing stage.